Sound Insulation for Pneumatic Impulse Knockers Type QJ

Undamped Impulse Knockers reach a sound level of 95 to 100 dBA.
A buffer made of vulkollan mounted at the end of the piston rod can be supplied as an accessory from us.
The noise development is then decreased by approximately 5 dBA , but the effect of the knocker is also reduced.
If using the vulkollan buffer the mounting distance of the Impulse Knocker to the point of impact must be adapted.
Please refer to our data sheet 100-130 item 8.




Sound Insulation Hood

As sound levels produce can be mitigated by sound insulation only, the following devices are available from us:


Sound Insulation Hoods – KSH

The Sound Insulation Hood (KSH) is placed over the Impulse Knocker and bolted on with an extension to the middle bolt of the knocker.

A rubber edge protection profile is affixed on the contact surface of the silo, which adapts to the contours of the silo.
For smaller silos the metal sheet of the sound insulation hood is adapted to shape.
There may be no air gap between the silo wall and the Sound Insulation Hood, otherwise the sound insulation is considerably reduced.

The Sound Insulation Hood is equipped with a rubber bushing for the compressed air hose and with sound absorbers for the purge air.