Maintenance Units Knocker Type QJ

Maintenance Unit

Combination of filter regulator + mist lubricator + oil container, filter element 5 µ, regulator 8 bar + pressure gauge and mounting bracket.
The maintenance units consist of dirt filter with water separator, pressure regulator with pressure gauge for the inlet pressure, lubricator and mounting bracket. For some types, filter and pressure regulator are combined in one housing.
The maintenance unit should be installed before all lubricated compressed air consumers because it cleans and drains the air in order to maintain the desired pressure and enrich the compressed air with oil. The life of compressed air consumers is greatly increased. The lubricator should be filled with a good hydraulic oil of viscosity grade VG 32 ISO3448 (32 mm mm²/s at 40° C). The oil consumption for the Pneumatic Knocker is about 0.03 to 0.09 litres/day. The oil level and the function of the lubricator should be checked and the used water must be drained from the filter. The filter and oil container are to be cleaned if necessary.

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