Welding Plates for Knocker Type K

Welding Plate

Standard Welding Plates – Item AP

Welding plates for attaching the knocker on round and rectangular container walls. In steel and stainless steel (A2) versions.

Welding Plate in T-Form

Welding Plates in T-Form – Type APT

Welding Plates in T-Form are used for high and low temperatures, insulated and thin-walled containers as well as for pipes and silos with a small diameter.

Figs. 3-6

Attaching of Knockers on Aluminium Tanks

Figs. 3-6 show ways to attaching knockers to aluminium containers. Thin-walled containers are fitted with an aluminium sheet (AL-B) to prevent distortion from the knocker impact and the hanging weight.

Available types upon request

Attaching of Knockers on Rubberised Containers

The clamping plate (Fig. 6 – APK) is clamped with 4 holes through the silo wall and the flange plate is fitted and screwed with the knocker.

Available types upon request

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