Welding and Mounting Plates for attaching the knocker on the silo

Welding Plate

For welding to round, conical or rectangular container

–> Standard Type AP
The knocker is screwed over 4 existing studs on the Welding Plate. Available in steel and stainless steel.

Welding Plate in T-Form

For welding to small diameters, e.g. pipes or insulated container

–> Type APT
It is a small bridge welded. The knocker is mounted at a distance with four screw connections on a flange plate. Available in steel, stainless steel and mixed construction.

Figs. 3-6

For mounting the knocker to rubberised container

–> Type APK
For this purpose, the studs must be passed through the container wall to the outside. Available in steel and stainless steel.