Sound Insulation Pneumatic Knocker Type K

The undamped knocker reaches a sound level of 95 to 100 dBA. With the Pneumatic Knocker type K…-V1, with a striker of vulkollan (PU), and with a sound insulation plate made of vulkollan type AP-SD…, which is clamped between welding plate and knocker, the noise development is decreased by approx. 5 dBA but reduces the effect of the knocker.
As sound levels produce can be mitigated only by sound insulation, the following devices are available from us:

Sound Insulation Hoods KSH

The sound insulation hood KSH… is placed over the knocker and bolted on with an extension to the middle bolt of the knocker. A rubber edge protection profile is to held on the contact surface to the silo, which adapts to the contours of the silo. For smaller silos the sheet metal of the sound insulation hood is adapted to shape. It should be ensures that there is no air gap between the silo wall and a sound insulation hood, otherwise the sound insulation is considerably reduced. The sound insulation hood is equipped with a rubber bushing for the compressed air hose and with sound absorbers for the purge air.

Sound Insulation Plates KSP

The sound insulation plate KSP… insulates the sound radiation from the container in the vicinity of the knocker, without however dampening the vibrations generated by the knocker.
The sound insulation plates KSP… are cut out in the middle in order to fit over the sound insulation hood KSH… During mounting, the protective paper is removed and the sound insulation plate KSP is pressed to the silo wall. If a larger area is to be sound-proofed, we then supply sound insulation plates SP made of the same material.

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