The “singold” flap shutter is qualified for all kinds of bulk material and solid-liquid mixtures, if the container is completely emptied, as f.i. container scales, containers, primary and secondary vessels in mixing plants, wagons, reservoirs under filters and separators, cone worm mixers, etc.

The flap shutter is available in different designs, materials and compressive strength.

The flap operation is shown in the above section. By means of the lever system, the flap is vertically moved down and swivelled laterally by the side of the discharge opening, thus enabling a free discharge of the product.

Joints and bearings are situated outside the product stream, their standard execution is service-free (until approx. 200 degrees C).

In case of the pneumatic design, the flap opens very quickly, so that the product stream is not deviated. Also in case of manually operated flap designs, large nominal widths can be opened quickly with low energy consumption at a high flap load.

Special features of the flaps are:

  • The sophisticated mechanism, no friction and shear forces occur on the seal, so that it does not wear.
  • The closing flap swings completely from the product stream. The flowing product is therefore not damaged or modified.
  • No wear of the flap develops dues to the flap swinging completely from the product flow.

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