The inlet of the cellular wheel sluice is eccentrically arranged, so that the cellular wheel sluice is suitable for pellets.
The outlet diameter is larger than the inlet diameter. All walls are without angles, so that the product falls out freely. Therefore a blockage of the cellular wheel by stored product between cellular wheel and bearing cover is not possible.
The inlet and outlet is executed as DIN flange, so that no transition pieces in special design are required for the connections. An optimal cellular wheel size at lower speed can be selected sound step range of the volume power per stroke per revolution.

Technical information:

Conveyed volume:
Type ZS0,4  0.08 m³/h – 0.80 m³/h
Type ZS2,5  0.50 m³/h – 5.00 m³/h
further details in data dimension sheet 100-079DE BL.2

Flange according to DIN 2642

Temperature 0C°-160°C

Cellular Wheel Sluice