As a manufacturer, singold gerätetechnik gmbh provides discharge equipment, shut-off and locking systems for tanks and silos. These are used in production and conveying equipment for the building material, chemical and food industries and for the production of steel and biomass systems.
singold gerätetechnik gmbh and its products stand for over 50 years experience in bulk material technology.
We deliver 100% quality made in Germany.

Pneumatic Knocker and Impulse Knocker
Mechanically generated vibration and shock pulses eliminate product residue, material deposits as well as shaft, funnel and bridging formation in containers, silos, swap bodies or rotating drums.


NEW: Online Questionnaire – Pneumatic Knocker
We would be happy to recommend Pneumatic Knockers suitable for your application.
In order to do this, we require some information with regards to the application. Our online questionnaire contains the most technically relevant data. You will have as well the opportunity to upload sketches, drawings or photographs.

Flap Shutters and Double Flap Sluices
The ‘singold’ flaps are characterized by their swinging valve moving entirely from the product flow, resulting in lowest wear, abrasion and no contamination of the product through contact. They are used as filling flaps or shut-off flaps for introducing products in subsequent processes.
The double-flap sluices are used for example to compensate for varying system pressure or for the separation of production processes, in order to isolate and separate product or gas from the process that follows.